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Silentel 6.7 release introducing Secure Conference

Latest Silentel update brings conference feature with unique security and many other functional and security improvements.


Secure Conference

Secure conference allows secure real-time voice communication between two and more users with device-to-device encryption.

Most conference systems which declare encrypted communication did not provide true end-to-end encryption, because voice streams are decrypted by conference servers to be mixed together. Silentel Secure Conference is protected by a unique encryption key which is distributed solely between participants. Voice stream is mixed directly on users' devices. Data are never decrypted during transfer.

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Silentel security improved with Elliptic curve cryptography

Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) is public-key cryptography technique which can be used to create faster, smaller and more efficient encryption.

ECC provides higher level of security with smaller encryption keys. Therefore, Silentel implements ECC with 521 bits key length which is equivalent to RSA with 15360 bits. While Silentel security was improved, time for cryptographic operations was reduced. And at the same time ECC in Silentel requires lower computing power which means less battery consumption on mobile devices.

Login and unlock Silentel with Face ID on iPhone X

New Face ID technology with existing Touch ID provides most comfortable way of authorization to Silentel.

Long and complex password provides high security, but it takes time to get access to your sensitive data. Short password is fast to type but is it secure enough? Connecting to Silentel with Face ID is quick and comfortable without losing your security and privacy.

What else is new in Silentel 6.7?

  • Recent activities (list of outgoing and incoming calls)
  • Support for Bluetooth headset and Speaker during Secure Voice calls and Secure Conference
  • Android: Counter which displays number of missed events
  • Android: Integrity check to improve overall app security in Android environment
  • iOS: Possibility to choose ringtone for Silentel from system ringtones
  • iOS: Sound and haptic notifications for Secure Messages
  • Other minor improvements and bug-fixes


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