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Silentel 7.3: Latest update

We’re happy to inform you that new Silentel 7.3 update with many functional and security improvements is here.


What’s new in Silentel 7.3

Apple in iOS 13 introduced several significant changes which affect most VoIP apps especially if they’re providing encrypted communication. Application in iOS 13 has almost no ability to run in the background.

AppleInsider: Changes in iOS 13 may force major redesign of VoIP apps
AppleInsider: Secure messaging apps working to comply with Apple's iOS 13 privacy changes

Until now Silentel was still compiled with iOS 12 SDK. Silentel 7.3 is first version fully compatible with all iOS 13 requirements.

These iOS 13 requirements cause even bigger gap in security between apps providing “business security” and Silentel high-end security. It can be illustrated on following scenarios.

Incoming secure call

iOS 13 requires to display screen with incoming call immediately. This provides very limited possibility to re-establish secure communication channel.

How it works in common encryption app:
Establish secure communication without mutual authentication. Caller identification and other meta data are transferred without encryption or encrypted only with third-party mechanism.

How it works in Silentel:
Secure communication is always re-established with mutual authentication. Caller identification and all other meta data are always encrypted using Silentel build-in certified security.

Delivery of encrypted message

When you receive encrypted message while your iPhone is not used, iOS 13 doesn’t allow to run app in background to decrypt the message.

How it works in common encryption app:
Common app receives message using iOS element called App Extension. This App Extension is able to decrypt received message and stores it in app database. However, app needs to share decryption key with App Extension.

How it works in Silentel:
Silentel download the received message only after user opens the Silentel app. Received messages is decrypted solely by Silentel app and moreover is not stored permanently in the user’s device.


Silentel 7.3 for Android

  • NEW: Interface for Silentel secure calls enables call waiting and placing call on hold with many other Android VoIP apps
  • NEW: New way of counting missed calls and new messages in system notifications
  • Improved support for Bluetooth headset/handsfree
  • Improved stability for incoming Silentel calls and new messages
  • Other minor improvements and bug-fixes


Silentel 7.3 for iOS

  • NEW: Fully compatible with all iOS 13 requirements
  • Other minor improvements and bug-fixes

We update Silentel regularly so we can make it better for you.


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