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Silentel 7.5: Your password matters

We’re happy to inform you that new Silentel 7.5 update with advanced password policy is already available.


Higher security is always in counterbalance with comfort. But you don’t need to be afraid of any strict password restrictions and requirements. Silentel will provide more freedom for users to create their passwords. How secure your password is, will be displayed by strength indicator.

Why your password matters

Password is like a front-line defence that protects Silentel user accounts and integrity of the whole communication group.

Moreover, Silentel is already providing a unique security feature. Even in case when an attacker is able to compromise user’s password, he will not get access to messages, files nor other sensitive content without user token stored on mobile device or PC.

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Silentel 7.5 for Android

  • NEW: Advanced password policy
  • NEW: User token export / import for Android 10 and newer
  • NEW: Vibration for incoming calls when enabled in system
  • NEW: Improved events displayed in system notifications
  • FIXED: Obsolete service for checking internet connection was removed
  • Other minor improvements and bug-fixes


Silentel 7.5 for iOS

  • NEW: Advanced password policy
  • NEW: Search box for Contacts when forwarding message
  • NEW: CarPlay support
  • NEW: Several graphic and user experience enhancements
  • FIXED: In rare cases Cancel button in Search dialog was missing
  • Other minor improvements and bug-fixes

We update Silentel regularly so we can make it better for you.


Install latest Silentel update now

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