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Silentel is a partner of the Slovak EU Presidency

Top official representatives of the EU Presidency can rely on secure mobile communication provided by Silentel.


During the second half of 2016, Slovakia holds the Presidency of the Council of the EU. It's one of the EU’s three main institutions. It shapes the Union’s legislation, coordinates its policies and seeks agreement between the individual institutions on important political issues.

Ardaco is proud partner of the Slovak EU Presidency. Top official representatives can rely on secure mobile communication provided by Silentel.

Silentel is a comprehensive solution for all mobile users who wants to protect and secure voice calls, messages, chats, sensitive documents, photos or any files against unauthorized usage. It's designed for individuals, private companies and government organizations. Silentel is certified in several EU countries and is the first mobile security communication platform that was approved and included in the NATO product catalogue.

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