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Silentel protects your voice and data communication against wiretapping and interception.

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Features that makes your communication more safe

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Reasons to secure your communication with Silentel


    Guaranteed security


    More than 10 years of proven security, regular independent certifications from several NATO countries combined with military-grade encryption makes your information secure at all times.


    Make your business go faster


    Silentel protects your sensitive information and in addition provides the ability to minimize the time spent on personal meetings or physical delivery of documents and other materials. You will save valuable time as well as significantly reduce travelling costs.


    Save time, money and resources


    Silentel is easy to use and fast to deploy in the organization. The users will quickly adapt to a new and simpler way of handling any sensitive business information. Silentel doesn't require any special skills neither for installation, maintenance nor use. All the most used platforms are supported and there is no need to replace mobile devices.


    Solutions that fits your needs


    Silentel solutions are optimized for the needs of individual customers and small businesses as well as large enterprises and governmental institutions. Standard turn-key services can be deployed in a matter of a few hours for the whole organization. Tailor-made solutions are available to fit specific needs.

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Silentel Studio

A smarter and simpler way to manage your secure communication. One of the important elements of the security is how you manage your communication solution.

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Silentel is available for most used devices and operating systems


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